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Getting You in Your New Home


At MA Mortgage, we offer a comprehensive array of mortgage and home financing options suited to our individual customers needs.

Conventional Home Loans:

5/1 ARM

A 5/1 ARM offers some of the lowest mortgage interest rates available—perfect for when you plan on moving in the near future.

15-Year Fixed

If you’re looking to pay off your home quickly (and save on interest in the process), this mortgage may be just the thing for you.

30-Year Fixed

This is our most popular loan for a reason. It offers secure rates, consistent monthly payments, and has low down payment options.

FHA 30-Year

Loans from the Federal Housing Administration have less stringent requirements and in many cases offer better rates than conventional loans.


Jumbo Mortgages

In most of the U.S., a Jumbo Mortgage is one that exceeds the conforming loan limits of $424,500.00. In higher cost areas such as New York and Connecticut, the Jumbo limit is $601,450. Jumbo loans typically come with more demanding requirements than smaller, conforming ones.


First-time Homeowner Loans

We offer low down payment, reduced interest loans to first-time homeowners. Down payments can be as low as 3%.


VA Home Loans

MA Mortgage participates in the Veterans Affairs Mortgage program, better known as VA mortgages. VA mortgages do not require a down payment, have no minimum credit score requirement and make it easier for eligible, qualified Veterans to get financing to buy a home.


203K Mortgages

203K loans are FHA-approved mortgages that allow for a consumer to borrow for both home purchase and the costs of improvements.


Low Down Payment Loans

MA Mortgage offers a variety of low down payment mortgages that make it easier for customers to borrow with little or no money down.


Bank Statement Loans

For tradesmen and workers who show little income on federal tax returns, we offer a variety of mortgage options that are based solely on current bank statements for eligibility.