Purchasing & Refinancing  

Understanding the Process

In a tough lending environment, it’s important to understand prices today. Regulations are indeed loosening up. To qualify, fairly good credit, down payment and closing funds and documented income are vital to a successful mortgage application.


At M.A. Mortgage, we provide real value to our customers. We help analyze income and assets that will determine the best file possible mortgage lenders are looking for. We are with our customers every step of the way through the applications and approvals process.

  Purchase a New Home  


You work all your life to pay for your house. 

There comes a time when you must put your house to work for you.

You’ve built up equity in your home. Equity is a financial instrument that is of great value to you, a benefit of owning your home. You can take equity out of your house from time to time and use the funds for a variety of purposes. Refinancing your home’s mortgage allows you to:

  • Lower your rate and monthly payment.

  • Cash out for debt consolidation.

  • Take cash for home improvements.

  • Cash out for college tuition.

  • Purchase an investment property.​

Why not do the things you’ve always wanted to? 


  Reasons To Refinance  


  Buying an Investment Property  

You've caught sight of an investment property for your family.

A vacation home. A rental property. Purchasing an investment property for the purposes of renting out or living in part-time requires special consideration. Buyers must be able to put 15 - 25% down, and document their reserves for down payments and closing costs.

Buying and investment property is a great financial instrument. Let the professionals at M.A. Mortgage ensure you are financially prepared to do so, in every way that makes sense.




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